9 Lessons Learned:

Important Tips One Needs To know When Purchasing Halal Nail Polish
Putting on nail polish is important as many women have nail polish on the nails to help their nails on their finger to have a decorative effect on their fingers.
When the Muslim women go to pray they are able now have their nails cleaned as they go to clean themselves as they go pray because their nails are clean and allows air to pass through, this is an important effect for them as the other nails are considered unclean and therefore deters them from going to pray because they have the other nail polish that is why they need to have the special Halal Nail Polish that is breathable and allows air to pass through.
Halal Nail Polish is important for use for the Muslim women who are looking for the perfect nail polish that can be used by them, this is also important because the other nail polish are not allowed as they are seen as dirty and those who use it cannot be allowed to go and in the mosque to pray just because they have the nail polish that is not Halal Nail Polish.